Self Healing

There are multiple methods for drawing healing energy to ourselves, which assist us in dealing with the practical challenges of our lives. We can be emotionally present when drawing on Divine Energy and increase our capacity to hold peace and fulfilment within any given moment of our day to day living. When I conduct readings or consults, through my training and practice of the use of energy and understanding of the symbolism, I can identify situations that are "blocking" a person from enjoying the quality of life. The rule of thumb here is that we cannot change other people.

Often we have minimal influence on our environment (unless we are working as a team together), which only leaves us the option of self-care. Self-care includes more than just energy work. It includes looking after our physical being - diet and exercise, for example, and expanding our knowledge, awareness, and understanding of ourselves and our lives.

Through my readings and consultations, I can often identify underlying issues and causes. I may often provide a Healing strategy, and these DO NOT REPLACE MEDICAL OR PROFESSIONAL TREATMENT. They can, however, be used in conjunction with other treatments without adverse effects. The Healing section has been created as a reference point for my clients and any others that are seeking similar information.

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I will continue to add techniques to this site over time. It will not be unusual for me to refer people to more mainstream persons such as reputed counselling suggestions or to find out what resources and supports are available for them locally to assist them with any issues they are addressing. The reality is life might be a "solo journey", but it does not mean that we have to walk the path alone. There is always support for us, be it with our Divine Support team or with other people, mentors and teachers. Please see below for the list of Healing Energy techniques that you might wish to use in your own lives. By clicking on the link (which is highlighted), you will be taken to the page where a full description is outlined. Please be aware that I will add to these continually, and it would be wise to revisit this page often to check on the progress and also to see if there is something new that you might be able to draw upon for your own life. ​

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