Prior to 2000 and some dramatic life changes, I had repressed my gifts and considered myself rational and logical. I discovered Reiki (my first healing step) by accident, at a time when I was not energy aware and not even a believer. I paid for my first attunement in Kalgoorlie after witnessing what I believed was a 'miracle cure for asthma'. I had thought i was buying a bottle of medicine but it turned out I was sitting with a 'bunch of people' with what I later learned was well developed Clairvoyance.

I may have been an 'unbeliever' but the Reiki I (Usui) attunements paved the way for some serious escalations in my conscious awareness and spiritual growth and I quickly received my Reiki II as part of 'trying to fix myself' and because I learned how to do distance healing. At the time I received Reiki III (Tibetan), my primary focus was 'self healing' and to 'fill my cup' to make me a 'better human being'. This then led to connecting with some beautiful souls and being exposed to Angelic Healing (or Rainbow Healing as it is known to some). Along the way - as the inner skeptic I am, I tested and trialled different things until I became comfortable. I did not formally enter the 'teaching arena' because I do not consider that I am a Master, and I have struggled with the term. I believe that we are souls in human development, and that mastery is an ambition. When we think or believe that we know everything about everything, we lose our capacity to learn. I aim to retain my humility and instead I impart wisdom and share information as guided. the sharin go information provides understanding and insight for people which helps them to heal and grow.

I have received training to master teacher-level Reiki modalities including Usui, Tibetan, Seichem, Isis, Sacred Petra, Kundalini, and Ethereal Crystal. I can guide you in accessing Angelic/Celestial healing without requiring an Attunement.

For the sake of conscientiousness, the complimentary Reiki I Attunement is offered alongside a psychic consultation upon your request. Please note that Reiki II attunements are provided as a paid service, are structured and longer term as part of Quality assurance and are only delivered upon application and invitation.

I recommend that people book an hour of 'Live spiritual mentoring' for a full Healing session.


How can this help you?

About Healing

Healing is essentially energy balancing and directing energy with intention and purposefully.

There are many different modalities and methods of healing and some will say that they are 'all the same'.

All healing energy is divine, but equally healing energies may draw upon 'different vibration', or be associated with different colours and different underlying purposes.

People are drawn to the various modalities that match their own Divine plan and their own guidance as areas to be developed in their current life tie.

How Anah works:

Anah is trained to provide hands on services and remote services.

The Reiki Masters delivered Reiki I to entire villages free of charge so that they could 'heal themselves', and so does Anah.

Reiki II carries a few more karmic responsibilities, and requires some 'teaching 'of technique and strategy and from an online capacity requires the provision of some tools in the form of pamphlets and so forth. This is provided for a nominal fee and the practitioner can book a consult for clarification, and mentoring (discounts will apply to those people attuned by Anah). Reiki III is a paid service because it caries spiritual and karmic responsibility. the original masters referred to Reiki III as "Teachers" (there is no word for Master in Japanese), and the teaching involved an apprenticeship of at least one year.

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If you have any questions about the services,

feel free to contact me.